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Desk Accessories & Décor

Who said your desk has to be boring? There are tons of ways to add a personal touch, whether you work from home, an office, or you're studying in your bedroom.

Box Framed Aluminium Print

Box Framed Aluminium Print

Forget traditional prints, this stand-out style is the only way to highlight your best moments.

From £31.99

Box Framed Prints

Box Framed Prints

Add depth to your creation with a 48 mm deep frame and make your snap take centre stage.

From £41.99

Turn your favourite moments into desk décor

Why should I make personalised desk décor?

Did you know that being able to design your own workspace actually increases productivity? This means that personalising your office desk accessories could make your work even bette. This kind of thing also makes a great gift for your colleagues, or any loved one who's starting a new job. Either way, they get a gift, *and* they get to be more productive as a result.

What office desk décor options are there?

In short, there are a *lot*. from time-keeping items like diaries and calendars, to personal touches framed photos canvas prints, functional accessories mouse mats, coasters pencil cases, so many ways add some personality your desk space.

Wooden Photo Blocks

If you're on the hunt for home office desk decor, why not try a Wooden Photo Block? These blocks are an alternative to the classic framed photo or canvas print, but are completely freestanding and don't need a frame or to be nailed to the wall. Available in 4 sizes and with either a black or white edge, you can find a photo block to match your space.

Personalised Desk Calendar

Sure, we use our digital calendars for our plans nowadays, but you can't beat a physical calendar. Our Personalised Desk Calendar has 40+ colourful backgrounds, 4 personalised grids and multiple layouts to choose from, so you can fine-tune your personalisationto your heart's content. You can also choose the calendar's starting month date, so if you start a new job mid-year, or if you're starting classes in September, you can make sure you get the most out of the next 12 months.

Photo Mug

Chances are, you've always got a mug of something on the go while you're at work. Why not make every cuppa special with a personalised Photo Mug? Whether you choose that wholesome family photo, or that ridiculous snap of your partner that makes you laugh, use it to brighten up those early starts.

Personalised Exercise Book

There's no such thing as too many notebooks (at least, that's what we tell ourselves), so what better piece of work desk decor than a Personalised Exercise Book? With 8 photo layouts and 22 backgrounds to choose from, there's plenty of scope for customisation. If you're at uni, you could have a book per module, and if you're at work, you could fill them with all the endless scribbles and doodles you note down during meetings.

Photo Coasters

One drink for hydration, one for caffeine, one for fun. Just us? Luckily, our set of Photo Coasters come in a pack of 4. It couldn't be easier to keep your desk safe from mug burns, and papers safe from pesky water marks from your glass.

Framed Photo Prints - Small

When you think of people having photos on their desk, you probably imagine something like our Framed Photo Prints. These small frames are the ideal size to tuck next to your computer. Maybe glancing at whoever's in the frame will give you a boost of motivation when you need it.

Personalised Photo Diary - Standard & Large

We could all do with being a bit more organised, so you can admire your favourite photos while getting your plans in place with a Personalised Photo Diary. They're printed with a week-to-week view, with 1 photo per week, and you can even choose the month to start your diary from. These spiral-bound diaries come in 2 sizes, and you can even pay a little extra for a faux leather cover for a more premium look.

Personalised Mouse Mat

Is there any desk item more classic than a mouse mat? A Personalised Mouse Mat is such a simple way to brighten up your space, particularly if you're in an office and don't have as much say in designing your work area. They make great gifts for work colleagues too.

Acrylic Photo Blocks

Acrylic Photo Blocks are a sleek, modern alternative to a framed photo. They don't need to be nailed into the wall, and you can move them around whenever you want.

Personalised Pencil Case

Whether you need a pencil case for school or uni, a Personalised Pencil Case should be on your list. If your kids have a favourite picture they've drawn, you could take a photo and put that onto the pencil case for something extra special. Don't worry about any mess either — our cases are machine washable.

Personalised Pouches

We all have that *stuff* on our desk that needs a home. The answer? A personalised pouch. There are 3 sizes available, the biggest of which fits an iPad Pro. Whether you use it for makeup, your on-the-go essentials (think: lip balm, a couple of pens, a phone charger), or as an iPad pouch, our Personalised Pouches are as functional as they are personal.

A4 & A3 Personalised Wall Calendars

Make a Personalised Wall Calendar with your favourite photos and smile all year round every time you flip to the next month. A4 is good for most people, but sometimes you just need more space for all your plans, so we offer A3 too. These also make great desk decoration gifts, because who doesn't need a calendar?

Desk Canvas Prints

Whether you want to print artwork or family photos, Desk Canvas Prints add a little piece of home to your workspace. You have the option of printing a single image or a collage, for when you just can't decide on one photo (we get it).

Questions and answers about our personalised desk accessories

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